NEW ZEALAND Certificate in Motorcycle Engineering



Training Fee

Automotive Level

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3 and 4

3½-4 Years

$1,154 excluding GST


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The New Zealand Certificate in Motorcycle Engineering (Level 3 and 4) will provide you with the skills and knowledge to safely and effectively diagnose and repair faults on motorcycles – including all-terrain vehicles, utility task vehicles and recreational off-highway vehicles.

Designed in consultation with industry, this programme will ensure that you can keep motorcycles running smoothly and safely - whether you’ve been in the industry for a while or are just starting out in your career.


The programme is made up of 282 credits and includes a mix of practical training and assessment, undertaken in the workplace, and eLearning, allowing you to complete theory elements of the programme at your own pace. Online learning resources, including videos and theory assessments, can be easily accessed at any time and from any device – mobile phone, tablet or PC.

Qualification outcomes include:

  • Follow workplace policies, procedures and relevant regulations to work safely and effectively in an automotive workshop
  • Use tools and equipment to complete basic workshop engineering tasks
  • Apply fundamental automotive engineering knowledge to service engine, and driveline systems
  • Check operation of, and perform minor repairs on, electrical and electronic systems
  • Apply fundamental automotive engineering knowledge to service steering, suspension and brake systems
  • Monitor the workplace and respond to issues as required to maintain a safe and effective workplace
  • Apply the appropriate precautionary measures when servicing and repairing high risk motorcycle systems
  • Diagnose and repair common faults in motorcycle engines and driveline systems
  • Diagnose and repair common faults in motorcycle electronic and electrical systems
  • Diagnose and repair common faults in motorcycle steering, suspension and braking systems.


The training fee for 2024 will be - $1,154 (excluding GST and any bulk learner discount).


Download the Motorcycle Engineering brochure PDF - 126 KB


If you are currently employed in an automotive workshop and your employer is able to support you, contact MITO and we'll organise an appointment to get you enrolled.

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