A career in the trade industries is a great choice! Combined, MITO’s industries employ over 155,000 New Zealanders or 7% of the workforce. There are significant employment opportunities for young people who are keen to build a rewarding career. Through an apprenticeship or on-the-job training programme, you’ll gain qualifications and practical skills and experience in the workplace, earn while you learn, and have no student loan to repay.

MITO offers career pathways for secondary school students right through to management qualifications within the industries we serve. With a MITO training programme or apprenticeship, you’ll have everything you need to learn new skills, and gain a formal qualification.

The benefits of an apprenticeship or on-the-job training are:

  • You gain a New Zealand or National qualification
  • Because you’re working, you earn money while you learn
  • New skills and knowledge that can help your career progression
  • Training is on-the-job making it easier for you to learn
  • You'll build a great looking CV for future employment opportunities
  • No student loan to pay back