MITO is an industry training organisation. We design qualifications and training programmes that meet the needs of the automotive, transport, logistics, industrial textile fabrication and extractive industries. We also provide leadership regarding skill and training needs for these industries in order to enhance careers in their workforces and increase workplace productivity, innovation and sustainability.


Enriching lives and inspiring futures.



We are here to

  • Arrange training of the highest standards, consistently across New Zealand, for anyone who wants to advance their career in these industries
  • Provide apprentices with pathways to qualifications and ongoing learning, empowering them to play a full and rewarding role in our industries
  • Attract high-quality people to the industries we serve
  • Develop a productive workforce skilled to international standards.

We fulfil our purpose by

  • Working with the industries we serve to make sure our qualifications, resources and programmes are up to date and relevant
  • Working with employers and polytechnics to facilitate the delivery of practical and theory training to apprentices
  • Visiting apprentices and employers regularly to review progress and offer assistance and advice
  • Arranging all assessment of apprentices' achievements
  • Arranging for apprentices' achievements to be recorded on their NZQA Record of Achievement (ROA)
  • Administering the moderation process which makes sure assessments meet the required standards
  • Promoting both careers and training within our industries.