MITO is pleased to announce that enrolments are now open for the New Zealand Certificate in Motorcycle Engineering (Level 3 and 4) – a new and innovative training programme that significantly improves the training opportunities in this vitally important sector of the automotive industry.

The programme provides learners with the skills and knowledge to safely and effectively diagnose and repair faults on motorcycles, including all-terrain vehicles, utility task vehicles and recreational off-road vehicles – with new industry-approved unit standards delivered online in a dynamic and visually engaging way. Access to hundreds of videos, interactive simulations and theory assessments online, is an exciting feature of the programme combined with on-the job-practical learning. 

MITO Chief Executive Janet Lane says “We are delighted to deliver a training programme that has been developed in consultation with the motorcycle engineering industry and designed to meet their specific needs. Our sincere thanks to those who worked alongside us for their valued input and expertise. This new programme will be more accessible to many motorcycle businesses and provide increased opportunities for training and career pathways. It reflects our ongoing commitment to workforce development and the long-term future of the automotive industry.”

The programme is made up of 282 credits and is expected to take 3.5 - 4 years to complete. The training programme is open for new enrolments for those currently employed in the industry who have an employer who is able to support their practical learning in a commercial enterprise.

View the programme outline for the new training programme