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As a Trainee Driller, Aiden Stace is thriving in a job he loves. The one-time courier driver was looking for a more hands-on, practical role and a chance discussion with his mechanic led Aiden to uncover a career in the drilling industry. After just 2 months, he knew it was what he wanted to do.

“The wide variety of work and skills required are what I really enjoy,” says Aiden. “The fact that you can be a mechanic, engineer, and welder all in one day, means the work is always challenging and interesting. Plus, you’re always having to come up with solutions to problems that arise and be able to think on your feet.”

The wide variety of work and skills required are what I really enjoy.

The 23 year old MITO learner was awarded a 2016 MITO Drilling Scholarship and is enrolled in the recently released New Zealand Certificate in Drilling (Level 3). Aiden sees the qualification as the way forward for the industry. “I think it’s inevitable that getting qualified is going to become standard in the future. There’s always more to learn and explore in this industry and this qualification will formally recognise my skills and knowledge and open up so many options for my future.”

James Chapman, Director of CW Drill, shares the sentiment. “We in the industry have worked long and hard to have a career path for people to follow and aspire to and the New Zealand Certificate is a great thing for achieving that – I’m extremely happy with it!” 

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