New zealand Certificate in Drilling



Training Fee

Drilling Mining and Quarrying Level 5

Drilling Mining and Quarrying Duration

Drilling Mining and Quarrying Cost

3 and 4

2 to 2½ Years

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These courses are contextualised for the non-hydrocarbon drilling sector, providing career pathways for those starting out in the drilling industry to progress to more senior roles. 


New Zealand Certificate in Drilling (Level 3)

  • Graduates of this qualification will be familiar with drilling equipment and tools and be able to work safely at drilling sites under direct supervision. It is expected to take 2 years to complete. 

New Zealand Certificate in Drilling (Level 4)

  • Gain the core skills and knowledge to work as a driller (within the drilling context that the training programme was completed). It is expected to take 2½ years to complete. This programme is eligible for for two years' free industry training. Click here for details.

Other Programmes

MITO is also working in partnership with the Australian Drilling Industry Training Committee (ADITC) and has an exclusive license to use their DICAT distance learning resources in New Zealand. DICAT is made up of learning modules and theory assessments used in the New Zealand Certificate in Drilling programmes.

Learners may complete the DICAT programme independent of gaining any qualification.

There are four programmes available. These are:

  • DICAT1 covers DICAT Sets 1 and 2 (Modules 1-6)
  • DICAT2 covers DICAT Set 3 (Modules 7-11)
  • DICAT3 covers DICAT Set 3 (Modules 7-11) textbook not included
  • DICAT4 covers DICAT Sets 1-3 (Modules 1-11).


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If you are currently employed in the industry and your employer is able to support your training programme, contact MITO and we'll arrange an appointment to uncover your drilling career.