A Move to Management

The next step in Bevan Crawford’s career is just around the corner after being awarded a MITO Business Skills scholarship in 2019.

MITO’s training is fantastic. Being able to take what you’ve learned and implement it into the workplace is invaluable and a great aspect of the programme.

As Wholesale Parts Consultant for Archibald and Shorter, the scholarship enabled Bevan to enrol in MITO’s Business Skills training programme. The one-year programme, which will see Bevan gain a National Certificate in Business (First Line Management) (Level 4), offers a professional development opportunity for people aspiring to management excellence.

“When I found out I had been awarded a scholarship I was ecstatic,” says Bevan. “To be recognised like that was definitely a big deal for me and it’s a great feeling to know that others see merit in what you are doing. It really reinforces the passion for what you do.”

Bevan Crawford

Bevan Crawford, Business Skills scholarship recipient

Having already gained a National Certificate in Automotive Parts & Accessories Merchandising (Level 3) through MITO, Bevan is always looking to better himself and further his knowledge. “MITO’s training is fantastic. Being able to take what you’ve learned and implement it into the workplace is invaluable and a great aspect of the programme.”
MITO CEO Janet Lane says “Bevan is a great example of the type of high calibre scholarship applicants MITO receives. He is held in high regard by those he works with and this only reiterates the professionalism that he exudes. We look forward to watching his career progress.”

It’s a sentiment shared by Bevan’s manager, Barrie Diederiks, having himself completed MITO’s Business Skills training programme. ”I‘ve always tried to lift my team above what is considered the norm in the industry. I encourage them to continue learning and extend their knowledge which is why I see such value in a qualification. When I first met Bevan I immediately recognised his professionalism and long-term potential. I could tell that he was somebody who was destined to one day fill a senior role within a company and lead a team of his own.”

Therefore, when the opportunity arose for Bevan to apply for a MITO scholarship, Barrie suggested he grab it. “I went to him and said, this is something you should do — and I’ll support you all the way. I know receiving the scholarship meant a great deal to him and the training programme has taught him a lot. The qualification will put him in good stead for that next level of employment.”

Bevan agrees. “Moving in to a management role would be the ideal next step for my career and gaining this National Certificate provides me with a great platform in which to achieve it.”

It’s all part of the plan for the 29 year old MITO learner.

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