New ZEALAND Certificate in Business (first line management)



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10 Months

$1,154 excluding GST


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This programme is designed for current and aspiring managers, supervisors and administrators who would like to progress their knowledge and skills in team management and development.


With a mix of workshop, online and on the job training, this programme will provide you with the skills and knowledge to:

  • Manage workflows in an operational context to achieve team objectives

  • Assess actual and/or potential issue(s) and respond appropriately to entity management to contribute to entity objectives

  • Motivate a team to achieve the team's objectives and contribute to the entity's objectives

  • Communicate to develop effective relationships with team members and stakeholders

  • Promote an inclusive environment to value diversity for positive performance for the entity

  • Apply leadership styles effectively in different environments

  • Behave professionally and ethically and in a socially and culturally responsible manner, and apply personal and interpersonal skills to lead teams and manage workflows for the performance of the entity.

This programme consists of three two-day workshops. Written, online and practical training resources support a range of learning styles, making it enjoyable and easier to learn. These workshops are determined by regional demand, however locations may be added where there is sufficient interest. Courses are subject to minimum numbers. 


The training fee for 2024 is $1,154 (excluding GST). Note this is a fixed fee and is non-refundable. 


Download the First Line Management brochure PDF - 656 KB

Download the 2024 First Line Management workshop dates PDF - 61 KB


If you are interested in advancing your career, contact MITO and we'll arrange an appointment to get you on your way.

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