New ZEALAND Certificate in Business (first line management)



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Business Skills and Safety Level

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9 Months

$1,327 incl GST


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This programme is designed for current and aspiring managers, supervisors and administrators who would like to progress their knowledge and skills in team management and development.


With a mix of workshop, online and on the job training, this programme will provide you with the skills and knowledge to:

  • Manage interpersonal conflict
  • Develop self to improve own performance in an organisation
  • Develop a strategy to promote productive workplace relationships in an organisation
  • Apply a problem solving model
  • Plan and monitor performance of others
  • Control flow of inputs in an operation in an organisation
  • Develop and implement a work plan
  • Plan for and carry out staff selection
  • Develop strategies for community in a culturally diverse workplace.

This programme consists of three two-day workshops. Written, online and practical training resources support a range of learning styles, making it enjoyable and easier to learn. These workshops are determined by regional demand, however locations may be added where there is sufficient interest. Courses are subject to minimum numbers. 


Download the Business Skills brochure PDF - 397 KB

Download the 2022 Business Skills workshop dates PDF - 44 KB


If you are a current or aspiring manager, supervisor or administrator working full-time in one of MITO’s industries and have an employer who is able to support your training programme, contact MITO and we’ll arrange an appointment to take your career to the next level.


For mother of three Tusi Tupe, receiving MITO’s Business Skills Scholarship is like a dream come true. “This opportunity shows all my hard work has paid off,” Tusi says.

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