To future proof the success of New Zealand's mining and quarrying workforce, MITO has worked collaboratively with industry associations, professional bodies and employers to develop a Workforce Development Strategy that provides a framework for the mining and quarrying industry to plan its workforce development priorities over the next 5-10 years.

The strategy presents a set of goals that are aimed at creating a sustainable workforce that has the capabilities and skills required to meet current and future challenges.

Key factors influencing the mining and quarrying workforce include an ageing workforce, perception of the industry, ability to increase the diversity of the workforce, creating sustainable career pathways, improving qualification levels, retention of skills, improving health and safety and the social practices to support productivity and environmentally sound practices.

The key priorities to meet current and future skill requirements and the outcomes the industry seeks for its workforce development are:

  1. Transforming the attractiveness of the industry
  2. Creating sustainable career pathways supported by professional development
  3. Retaining skills within the workforce to improve productivity
  4. Continuing to grow a safety culture
  5. Embracing social value to support environmentally sound practices.

View the Workforce Development Strategy for the Mining and Quarrying industry PDF - 3.2 MB