Workforce Development Strategy for the Commercial Road Transport industry

To future proof the success of New Zealand’s Commercial Road Transport (CRT) workforce, MITO has worked with industry associations to provide a framework for the CRT industry to plan its workforce development priorities over the next 5 - 10 years.

The strategy presents a set of goals that are aimed at creating a sustainable workforce that has the capabilities and skills required to meet current and future challenges. Key factors impacting the workforce in New Zealand includes an aging workforce, a male dominated industry, attractiveness of working in the industry, technology change and increasing automation, persistent driver shortages, regulatory change and changing skill requirements to become more customer centric.

The key priorities to meet current and future skill requirements and the outcomes the industry seeks for its workforce development include:

  1. Promoting career pathways to attract talent and create a sustainable workforce
  2. Supporting skill development to meet current and future technological changes
  3. Growing our people to support a high-performing and innovative workforce
  4. Improve retention of the workforce through skill development and career pathways
  5. Increasing the diversity of the workforce to increase the supply of talent
  6. Improving productivity through best practice sharing and collaboration.

View the Workforce Development Strategy for the Commercial Road Transport industry PDF - 4.1 MB