MITO is delighted to announce that it has launched a new training programme that leads to the National Certificate in Commercial Road Transport (Goods Service Senior Driver) (Level 4) qualification. Designed for experienced truck drivers to fulfil a senior driver or training role within a transport organisation, the programme includes both theoretical and practical training and assessment to ensure drivers can effectively mentor, train and manage a group of drivers and vehicles.

MITO Chief Executive Janet Lane says “This new training programme offers a significant career pathway for experienced truck drivers, helping to fulfil the training capacity requirements of industry. We are pleased to launch this programme that reiterates our commitment to workforce development within the Commercial Road Transport industry.”

Building on the National Certificate in Goods Service (Heavy Vehicle Driver) (Level 3), learners choose to complete one of two strands, designed to recognise the specific skills required for either heavy rigid vehicle drivers or heavy combination vehicle drivers. The training programme takes 15 months to complete and programme delivery is implemented through either a provider-based model, where learners complete their training and assessment through a MITO approved provider; or in-house, where approved company trainers deliver the training and conduct assessment internally.

Log truck drivers who successfully complete this programme will receive ‘Platinum’ status in the Log Transport Safety Council (LTSC) Driver Pathway Accreditation Programme, Pathway to Success. Recognising the achievement of log transport operators who meet strict education and experience criteria, Pathway to Success exists to improve health and safety outcomes, attract new entrants to the sector, and acknowledge the experience of senior drivers who have safely been operating logging trucks for many years.

LTSC Chairman Warwick Wilshire says “LTSC is excited to be able to offer this training option to senior drivers in the industry so that they may continue their personal skill development in their chosen career. It will provide both drivers and companies the perfect opportunity to develop future managers and mentors to new drivers in the industry.”