MITO supports EVolocity secondary school programme

EVolocity is a programme conducted with secondary schools that sees student teams design and build an electric vehicle. They meet regionally to race their vehicles and compete for places in the national final.

MITO is proud to be supporting the EVolocity programme in 2018. MITO Chief Executive Janet Lane says “We are focused on increasing the human infrastructure required for the widespread adoption of EVs in New Zealand, to enable automotive technicians to safely inspect, service and repair electric vehicles. By aligning with the EVolocity programme we are raising awareness of opportunities in the automotive industry and helping to prepare youth for an EV future.”

EVolocity has three key purposes according to its Executive Director Rob McEwen. “First, it’s about turning more young people onto the joys of engineering, to help address our national skills shortage in this area. Second, it’s about making the next generation of drivers comfortable with electric vehicle technology, and educating them about the environmental and economic benefits of EVs. And third, it’s about giving young people a practical way to engage with sustainability and climate change,” says McEwen.

The vehicle has to be either a bike or a vehicle with 3+ wheels. In the standard class the vehicles will be powered by EVolocity’s standard 350W electric motor, controller and two 12V gel cells, and in the open class up to a 1kW motor and 48V battery may be used. Innovation is encouraged as students strive to make their vehicle the fastest with the least drag and ability to cope with the demands of a tight street circuit.

The programme formed in 2014, with 16 teams from 11 schools in the Canterbury region. It has now grown to more than 100 teams across Auckland, Waikato, Wellington, Nelson and Canterbury.

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