MITO supporting students to gain skills in electric vehicle engineering

For the second year in a row, MITO is supporting EVolocity, a programme where secondary school students design, build and race electric vehicles (EVs).

After developing an EV qualification framework with the support of the Government’s Low Emission Vehicles Fund and launching their own EV training programme earlier in 2019, MITO sees value in aligning with EVolocity to support the human infrastructure required for the widespread uptake of EVs in New Zealand.

“MITO places great emphasis on developing the pipeline of talent to our industries,” says MITO chief executive Janet Lane. “Supporting the EVolocity programme, and the subsequent development of EV mechanical engineering skills, is a key part of our overall engagement with secondary schools to attract new entrants to the industry.”

MITO offers a micro-credential automotive programme called StartUp® to Year 11, 12 and 13 students, where students complete a mix of theory via eLearning and practical assessment, spending one day a week in an automotive workshop. This programme provides an invaluable introduction to the industry and the working environment.

“StartUp® is a particularly popular programme and a great pipeline to the automotive industry, with nearly a quarter of students progressing to a full apprenticeship. Once they become a qualified technician, they can enrol in our electric vehicle training programme which upskills technicians to safely inspect, service and repair light electric vehicles.”