To help facilitate school-leavers and youth to enter the automotive industry, MITO has launched a digital marketing campaign. Targeting 16-24 year olds across New Zealand, the campaign highlights the benefits of a career in the automotive industry and facilitates pathways to employment.

Reflecting the energy and excitement of car pop-culture familiar to this target audience, the campaign features four MITO apprentices/graduates from the light, heavy, collision repair and automotive refinishing sectors in edgy and powerful imagery and will have widespread exposure across websites and social media – Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

These social executions will lead audiences to a specially designed campaign website which displays case studies of the four apprentices/graduates – each one highlighting their own career journey and what they love about their industry. From here, audiences are encouraged to visit MITO’s new Job Hub, view the current vacancies listed, and create a jobseeker profile to promote themselves to automotive employers in their region.

The campaign will run until the end of November, so if you’re looking for your next apprentice, or have a current vacancy at your business, NOW is the time to list your vacancy on the MITO website so your business can be part of the campaign. Then remember to register as an employer on MITO’s Job Hub to access the profiles of jobseekers actively looking for work in your industry and your region.