Loan devices helping eLearning

Michael Zimmerman’s eLearning journey hasn’t always been easy, however with the help of MITO and their loan device scheme Michael has been able to complete his apprenticeship with much greater ease.

Michael is currently completing MITO’s New Zealand Certificate in Automotive Engineering Light Vehicle while working at Goodman’s Contractors Limited in Waikanae. He began working at Goodman’s about four years ago. “I have been interested in cars, motorbikes and trucks my whole life and growing up I wanted to work with them in some way. I have done all sorts in my career and once I started working at Goodman’s it was a natural progression to work in the automotive industry.” 

Throughout his training he gets frequent visits from his MITO Training Advisor Richard Hainsworth. “When discussing the programme and the eLearning side, I mentioned to Richard that I only had my phone to use for the eLearning. I didn’t have a computer.” MITO was able to offer Michael a laptop and a couple of days later Richard dropped off a laptop.

The loan device scheme started in 2020 when the Government announced a Technology Access Fund to help tertiary organisations support learners to continue to access training that had been disrupted due to COVID-19. From a small library of loan devices started under this scheme, MITO has grown this to 500 loan devices to support learners who cannot afford their own dedicated device to assist them achieve their qualification. Currently 425 MITO learners are making great use of a loan device.

Michael’s eLearning journey changed immensely once he received the laptop. “I struggled a bit with the eLearning on my phone and looking at the little screen.  I couldn’t open up all the documents at once and look at different things at the one time. Having the phone option is great for taking photos for my practical work but trying to do all your studies on the phone is not as easy. I didn’t have a laptop and I don’t own a computer so MITO offering me a laptop has made a huge difference to me achieving my qualification and supporting me in my career.

If you are a MITO learner and in need of assistance with a loan device, please contact your local MITO Training Advisor to see how we can help.