Apprenticeship Boost Extended

The Government has announced it has extended the Apprenticeship Boost scheme by four months to further support employers and trades training. The revised end date of the scheme is now August 2022.

Apprenticeship Boost is a payment to employers of apprentices in their first or second year of training. Employers can access a subsidy of $1,000 per month for first year apprentices and $500 per month for second year apprentices.

Education Minister Chris Hipkins says “Extending Apprenticeship Boost helps employers keep apprentices on when times are tough. This decision keeps more people employed and learning valuable vocational skills that will accelerate our economic recovery from COVID-19.”

“Extending Apprenticeship Boost to run until August 2022 means employers can keep getting the subsidy for apprentices who are in their first two years of training. It also means employers who have apprentices starting over those extra four months can get some Apprenticeship Boost support as well, which could see more than 5,000 new apprentices able to benefit.”

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