Dream Come True

For mother of three Tusi Tupe, receiving MITO’s Business Skills Scholarship is like a dream come true.

Tusi is Dispatch Control for Specialised Transport Services, a division of The Specialised Container Services Group. The scholarship will enable her to complete a one-year National Certificate in Business (First Line Management) (Level 4).

“This opportunity shows all my hard work has paid off,” Tusi says.

I could not see myself in any other industry.

Tusi’s career within the transport industry began with a position as a sweeper in a freight dispatching warehouse in Samoa, and within a few months she had was working behind a computer in the dispatch control department. Since her move back to New Zealand, she has continued to thrive.

“I find it challenging, but I could not see myself in any other industry. It keeps me interested because it changes and grows all the time—there is just so much more to learn!”

Chad Hunter, Depot Manager at Specialised Container Services (another division of The Specialised Container Services Group), says that the First Line Management programme will really help Tusi in her career. “Achieving a nationally recognised qualification will give her extra opportunities moving forward, and she will also gain a better understanding of all the different facets of our business.”

With her busy home and work life, the style of training suits Tusi. “The whole programme operates around you continuing to work. It’s absolutely ideal for how I need to be studying; it’s great that I can do both, instead of one or the other.”

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