The perfect pathway from school to industry

MITO's secondary school programme, ShiftUp®, offers students in Years 11, 12 and 13 the opportunity to gain a micro-credential through a mix of eLearning theory and practical experience in the workplace. Credits are earned leading towards the next step of a MITO traineeship in the road transport industry.

MITO Chief Executive Janet Lane says “ShiftUp® offers work experience leading towards a number of career opportunities – including transporting goods, warehousing, distribution, logistics and administration services. The programme provides significant benefits to secondary school students as their NZQA Record of Achievement will capture their micro-credential achievement.”

ShiftUp® covers topics including health and safety, vehicle documentation, general systems and components, driving hazards and risk reduction strategies.

ShiftUp students

Gisborne Girls’ High School Year 11 students Mellissa Down-Campbell and Trista Bailey were MITO’s first ShiftUp® enrolments. Photo credit: Gisborne Herald.

Warwick Wilshier, Managing Director of Williams and Wilshier agrees. “We have said for a long time that it is a shame that we can’t have young people out in trucks. However we now have means to expose young people to the industry, enhancing an enthusiasm for trucking.”

“Key to the success of ShiftUp® is support from industry to provide the workplace practical assessment and work experience one day a week”, says Ms Lane. “It is a fantastic opportunity for students to gain first-hand knowledge of the industry, and for employers to offer work experience, ideally securing their next MITO trainee.”

This year, Williams and Wilshier is hosting two students from Gisborne Girls’ High School. Year 11 students Mellissa Down-Campbell and Trista Bailey were MITO’s first ShiftUp® enrolments.

“Growing up I spent a lot of time with my dad who drives trucks and I loved it.” says Mellissa. “When I visited the careers expo earlier this year, I had the opportunity to go on a simulator and this confirmed to me that I wanted to do a work placement in the transport industry. I am loving MITO’s ShiftUp® programme, as I spend every Monday in the yard learning new skills.”

Mellissa’s mum, Melissa Down, says that Mellissa is loving her work placement and always up early on Mondays to get to Williams and Wilshier on time. “She loves it, she comes home and doesn’t stop talking about her day and the drivers are not shy to answer all the questions she has.”

Likewise Trista has always had an inkling for working with trucks. “I am a practical, hands-on person and have always thought I would like to be working with trucks. I am enjoying this programme because every Monday I am at the workplace helping out. At the moment I am learning how to throw the big chains over the logs, it is hard but I know I’ll get it soon! I’m also making good progress with the eLearning theory.”

Gisborne Girls’ High School Gateway Co-ordinator Jo Graham is excited to see the girls so engaged with the ShiftUp® programme. “Their confidence and self-esteem has grown immensely across all aspects of their learning. Fellow colleagues have said the girls have a new lease of life!”

“We think the ShiftUp® programme is a great initiative, enabling the connection between schools and industry.” says Warwick. “There is more to our industry than just driving. Logistics and health and safety are a big part of our business, with many roles filled by young men and women. MITO have recognised the gap and developed the perfect pathway.”

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