Qualification in Sales Solidifies Experience

Murray James will be among the first to say he’s qualified in vehicle sales with a national qualification.

As sales executive for Brendon Foot Motors Ltd, Murray is enrolled in MITO’s National Certificate in Sales (Level 3) and sees it as a chance to formalise his experience in the industry.

“This National Certificate will really solidify my learning and experience in the industry,” says Murray. “The fact that I’ll be one of the first to hold this qualification is something I’m really proud to tell my customers. I look forward to being able to show them the certificate that says I’m qualified, I understand the legislation, and I take my job seriously.”

This National Certificate will really solidify my learning and experience in the industry

Murray says he’s already started to implement what he’s learned in the training programme so far. “I actually got back to work and started to question some of my processes and how I could make them better or more efficient. I really gained a good understanding of the sales process and buyer behaviour from the first workshop, which helped me to understand how I can better myself in my job going forward.”

Comprising three two-day workshops, and on-the-job training, the one year sales qualification covers everything from prospecting through to legislation. Impressed with the training programme, Murray has already started to promote the qualification to others. “I know it’s extra work for those who are already very busy, but I know that if they put in the effort over the 12 months, then the rewards are definitely going to be worth it.”

“I’m very passionate about what I do, so if I have the chance to further my career in a job I love, why wouldn’t I take it!” 

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