Motivated motorcycle technician completes apprenticeship in record time

“An apprenticeship is definitely a great career option for young people - you’re getting paid to learn and not racking up a big student loan,” says 21-year-old Gareth Lane.

And Gareth would know. As a qualified motorcycle technician at Bailey Motorcycles & Dismantlers, Harewa, Gareth completed his motorcycle engineering apprenticeship through MITO earlier this year and loves being able to work in an industry related to his passion.

“I grew up riding dirt bikes and most weekends you’ll find me out riding motocross,” says Gareth. “So being able to gain a qualification doing something I love is awesome.”

Gareth started working at Bailey Motorcycles & Dismantlers two or three days a week after school, and was soon offered a full-time position. A motivated learner, Gareth completed his three year apprenticeship in just two years.

The training programme was great and really easy to follow,” says Gareth, “and your MITO Industry Training Advisor is always available if you have any questions.

On-the-job learning was obviously an ideal fit for Gareth. “I find you learn a lot quicker when you’re hands on and learning in the workplace instead of just reading about it. I really enjoy working with my hands, fixing things and seeing how it all works.”

No two days are the same for Gareth which he says keeps things interesting. “You could be servicing motorcycles and doing suspension work one day, then assembling new bikes or even rebuilding motors the next. But I still get the most satisfaction when I get to work on a dirt bike!”

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