Refinishing Extraordinaire

MITO scholarship winner Jodie Fletcher is passionate about customised refinishing—and is using her scholarship to take part in a unique course to expand her airbrushing skills.

Even after all these years, I love coming into work every day.

Jodie Fletcher

MITO scholarship winner Jodie Fletcher

The $3,000 scholarship will fund her participation in a specialised Airbrush Venturi programme, where she can learn more about new airbrushing processes and techniques. 

The Airbrush Venturi programme consists of two intensive 10-day courses, and will expand Jodie’s repertoire to include designs such as flames on the American hot rods and classic cars that CR Panel Shop specialises in.Simon Cressey, the owner of CR Panel Shop where Jodie works, says that Jodie has some unique artistic skills. “In fact, I'd say that no-one in Auckland could do what she does. I'm really looking forward to seeing what she'll be able to do after she has completed the programme!"Jodie sees airbrushing as a skill that is reviving in the industry. “There are so many amazing effects that you can get by using an airbrush. It has the power to evolve and modernise the way that we refinish cars, and you can use the techniques on any make or model. In fact, airbrushing can be used on anything—from cars to t-shirts to shoes!”

"I've worked on many custom paint jobs which include glitter and flake effects. But to be able to customise with airbrush techniques such as flames is ultimately what I'm aiming for."

Jodie says she has a real passion for her work. “I secured my job at CR Panel Shop when I was 16 years old, and apart from time off to have my three children, I’ve worked there as an automotive refinisher ever since.”

In 2010, she completed her MITO refinishing apprenticeship. Keen to upskill further, Jodie then completed a MITO Business Skills programme, and applied for the MITO Graduate Scholarship to enable her participation in the Airbrush Venturi course.

The course is also another step on Jodie's journey to owning her own business. “Even after all these years, I love coming into work every day. Having my own paint shop would be a dream come true."

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