Logan Leeuw was always certain that no matter which career path he chose, he wanted to get qualified. A year and a half into his MITO training programme, 19-year-old Logan is working towards a National Certificate in Light Automotive Engineering, and couldn’t be happier with the choice he’s made.

In 2016, during his final year at Auckland Grammar School, Logan attended a Got a Trade? Got it Made! SpeedMeet event. SpeedMeet brings together employers, jobseekers and secondary school students for speed dating style one-on-one interviews. These interviews give both students and employers the chance to find out about one another, learn more about an industry or a job, and potentially even secure an offer of employment.

It was during SpeedMeet that Logan met with a MITO Industry Training Advisor, who advised him of an apprentice position available at Auckland City Toyota Grey Lynn. Logan applied, got the job, and hasn’t looked back since.

“Having that qualification behind you lets people know that you are skilled in what you’re doing,” he says. “I really believe that you do learn more by working towards a qualification while on the job rather than just jumping straight into the workplace with no plan.”

It’s the variety that keeps Logan excited about coming into work every day, and for someone who loves a challenge, the workshop is the perfect place to learn. “I’m constantly learning – that’s my favourite part of what I do,” he says. “Vehicles are always changing, and there’s always something new happening in the industry, which keeps it interesting. No two days are the same – and getting paid while I study is also a bonus!”

As Workshop Foreman of Auckland City Toyota Grey Lynn, Peter Bruce understands the value of training young people in the automotive industry. “We’ve got to do it,” says Peter. “There’s major skill shortages at the moment and we need qualified people, it’s that simple.” 

With five apprentices currently enrolled in MITO training programmes working at Auckland City Toyota Grey Lynn, there’s no doubt in Peter’s mind that they will continue to train their staff through MITO. “As they work their way up in the business we will hire more apprentices and away we go again!”

Not only do these apprentices help combat the skill shortages that the industry is facing, they also provide assurance for the business that their staff know exactly what they’re doing. “For us as a dealership it’s nice to have someone trained to work on the product that we work on. If we train our apprentices the way we want them to do the job, then we know we can come out with the right result.”

As for Logan’s progress? Peter can’t commend him enough. “He’s enthusiastic, reliable and thorough – everything you could want in an apprentice.”

Peter is sure that with Logan’s natural skill and ambition, he will be successful wherever he goes. “Once he’s got that qualification he’ll be set. It’s proof of his skills and commitment, and people will recognise that for the rest of his career.”

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