A Promising Career in the Pipeline for Gas Graduate

Kayla Fillery once considered going to university, but another option caught her attention. “I thought about university but the idea of having a student loan put me off,” says Kayla. “I decided to get into the trades so that I could learn and earn at the same time. Plus, there were so many opportunities available and I knew I’d be able to take the skills I learnt anywhere!”

It was the advice of a relative that helped Kayla decide which trade to pursue. “A family member works in the gas industry and when I started showing an interest in doing an apprenticeship, he explained all of the gas jobs available which really got me motivated.”

It’s such an exciting industry to work in and there’s so much variety...I enjoy the fact that there are different challenges at every job and I have to think on my feet to find a solution.

With the industry beckoning, Kayla left school halfway through year 13. “I was just so keen to start working full-time so once a role came up in the industry, I applied for it. Now I’m learning both practical and theoretical elements on the job and really enjoying it.” 

Kayla Fillery

MITO Gas Graduate Kayla Fillery

Kayla also knows that being qualified will help her to progress in the company and enable her to get into the emergency response side of the industry. “Being qualified will provide so many opportunities. I want to learn as much as possible about the gas industry, especially emergency response, so the more training and experience I get, the happier I’ll be!”At just 19-years-old, Kayla has already been promoted from Trainee Gas Distribution Fitter to Trainee Gas Regulator Technician at Electrix and has completed the National Certificate in Gas Distribution (Level 2) qualification through MITO. Although she is still starting out in her career, she’s sure the gas industry is right for her. “It’s such an exciting industry to work in and there’s so much variety. My job is to assist with the operations, maintenance and construction of network metering and pressure control systems to ensure safe, reliable and economic supplies of gas to industrial, commercial and domestic customers. I enjoy the fact that there are different challenges at every job and I have to think on my feet to find a solution.”

As for working in a male-dominated industry, Kayla says that it doesn’t bother her at all. “The fact that I’m a female isn’t an issue - everyone at Electrix is so supportive. I work in a team of males and they’re all coaching me and really backing me to get fully qualified.” Her supervisor John Laing is one of the people supporting her. “Kayla is extremely motivated and she’s doing really well. She has a great work ethic and wants to learn and that’s what we look for in an apprentice. You can teach people anything but if they don’t have a good attitude, it’s a lot harder.”

Kayla highly recommends the gas industry to other young people considering their career options and offers some valuable advice. “Do some research first to find out which area you would like to work in and then make the most of every opportunity. Overall, just stay motivated and positive about everything and you’ll do well.”

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