A Kick Start to a Great Career

MITO learner Bradley Smith has always had a thing for cars and knew his path would steer him toward an automotive trade. So upon leaving school, he enrolled in a one year automotive pre-trade course at the Manukau Institute of Technology which covered everything from building a race car to refinishing.

 I’ve become very passionate about my career and being qualified will look great on my CV for the future!

Bradley Smith

Bradley Smith completed a National Certificate in Motor Industry with a strand in Refinishing

Once his course was complete, Bradley found a job as an apprentice automotive refinisher at Absolute Spray Painting Limited, Waiuku, and from there, his career really started to take off. “I’ve been working here for 18 months now and am really enjoying myself,” says Bradley. The work can be challenging at times, but that’s how you learn what you’re capable of.” 

Bradley decided to get qualified with a National Certificate in Motor Industry (Automotive Body) (Levels 3 and 4) with strand in Refinishing. “I set myself the goal to complete the qualification as I wanted to be recognised for the work I can do and the skills and knowledge I have. I’ve become very passionate about my career and being qualified will look great on my CV for the future!”

It’s that passion that contributed to Bradley being awarded a 2016 MITO Kick Start Scholarship, contributing $1,000 towards the first year of study for any MITO apprenticeship or traineeship programme at Level 4 or above. “It was great to receive the scholarship. It’s really helped me out financially and has also shown that I’m on the right track with my work and career.”

His supervisor, Clinton Woolford, says “Bradley is extremely driven and hard-working, excelling at all the tasks he is assigned. This scholarship is a great opportunity for him to kick start his career and represents the hard work he puts in.”

Bradley says he’s finding the training programme very useful, and is enjoying the variety of concepts being taught. “It covers everything from cars and trucks to how to use different materials and best practice. I’m learning a lot!”

With his sights set on owning his own workshop one day, Bradley is focused on completing his qualification and doing the best work he can for the business and the customer – a part of the job he relishes. “It’s really cool receiving a job and seeing the transition through to the finished result. It’s a great feeling giving the finished product back to the happy customer knowing you’ve had a hand in it.”

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