National certificate in extractive industries
(mining administration tunnel manager a or b grade)



Training Fee

Drilling Mining and Quarrying Level 6

Drilling Mining and Quarrying Duration

Drilling Mining and Quarrying Cost

5 and 6

16 to 24 Months

Free until 31 December 2022


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MITO's Mining Administration Tunnel Manager programmes are designed for first line or site managers who would like to gain certification as tunnel managers.


The National Certificate in Extractive Industries (Mining Administration B Grade Tunnel Manager) (Level 5) covers:

  • Regulatory requirements
  • Safety checks and plans
  • Site operation planning
  • Underground extraction
  • Mines rescue service
  • Fire safety.

The optional strand in Coal Mine Deputy covers:

  • Problem solving
  • Underground extraction theory.

Upon gaining the B Grade qualification, you may complete the Level 6 National Certificate in Extractive Industries (Mining Administration)
with a strand in A Grade Tunnel Manager 
which covers:

  • Extractive site management
  • Designing, analysing and evaluating underground mine operations.

Both qualifications include optional First Aid unit standards. 


There is no training fee for these programmes until 31 December 2022. 

more information

Download the Tunnel Manager brochure PDF - 151 KB


If you’re employed in the mining and quarrying industry and your employer is able to support you, contact MITO.