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CoF-A and CoF-B

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The MITO Certificate in Vehicle Inspection training programmes are just one part of becoming a CoF inspector. Currently, you can apply to become a vehicle inspector in the following categories:

  • CoF-A
  • CoF-B Goods Service Vehicles (GSV)
  • CoF-B Passenger Service Vehicles (PSV) – note this has a pre-requisite of CoF-B (GSV)

Please note that there are different qualification and experience criteria for CoF-A and CoF-B. 

Becoming a CoF Inspector 

Review the complete process for the CoF application here.

To become a CoF inspector you will need to:

  • Complete the Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency VI5B CoF application form.
  • Once you have been informed of pre-approval, advise your supervisor and MITO.
  • Complete the MITO pre-enrolment form at the same time you apply to Waka Kotahi.
  • Complete a Training Agreement.
  • Complete a Literacy and Numeracy Assessment.
  • If you are doing CoF-B you will also need to complete roller brake machine training - find a provider here
  • One month prior to your workshop, complete the online learning and assessments and pay the course fees. 
  • Attend an online workshop.
  • When back in your workplace complete the practical activities. To do this you will need to ensure you have access to a workplace that meets Waka Kotahi's  site requirements and have an approved workplace supervisor to mentor you.

Once you have completed all of the training and assessment requirements, you will receive your MITO Certificate in Vehicle Inspection, endorsed by Waka Kotahi.

The MITO fee will be different for each individual so please contact MITO . There will be additional costs from Waka Kotahi and for the roller brake machine training. 


You are required to have a MITO endorsed workplace supervisor/internal verifier during your practical training. To be eligible to supervise you in your workplace the supervisor/verifier must:

  • Be a Waka Kotahi approved vehicle inspector in the same class for which you will be applying to MITO.
  • Have a minimum of two years’ experience inspecting vehicles in the inspection groups they will be supervising
  • Be endorsed by MITO and Waka Kotahi.

If you do not have an internal verifier, MITO can appoint an external workplace supervisor. *Note there could be a waiting period before an external workplace supervisor is assigned to you and this service comes with an additional fee.

To apply to have your own workplace supervisor/internal verifier please see this application form  once completed please send to for processing. Please be aware that this may take up to two weeks to process.


Workshops are delivered online and are subject to a minimum number.

To be able to complete the eLearning component, learners must be enrolled with MITO four weeks prior to the workshop start date. 

2022 workshop dates are as follows:

Workshop Four (last date for enrolment is 21 October 2022):

  • CoF A: Tuesday 22 November – Friday 25 November
  • CoF B: Monday 21 November – Wednesday 23 November


If you’re ready to take the next step, please complete the Waka Kotahi CoF VI5B application form.