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CoF-A and CoF-B

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Becoming a CoF Inspector 

If you are a business exploring entry into CoF, we highly recommend you contact NZTA to ascertain information on the requirements for enterprises.

To become a CoF inspector you will need to:

  • Complete the MITO Certificate in Vehicle Inspection in CoF-A or CoF-B. If you want to become a CoF-B inspector, you will also need to complete roller brake machine (RBM) training through an NZTA-approved training provider. 
  • Apply to the NZTA for approval of your application

For details on RBM training or the NZTA approval process, please visit the relevant section on the NZTA website .


The MITO Certificate in Vehicle Inspection training programmes are just one part of becoming a COF inspector. Please ensure that you refer to the NZTA website to ensure you meet the eligibility and experience criteria.

Currently, you can apply to become a vehicle inspector in the following categories:

  • CoF-A
  • CoF-B Goods Service Vehicles (GSV)
  • CoF-B Passenger Service Vehicles (PSV) – (note this has a pre-requisite of CoF-B (GSV))

Please note that there are different qualification and experience criteria for CoF-A and CoF-B.

If you have completed CoF-A and want to also become a CoF-B inspector, you will also need to meet the CoF-B criteria, complete additional theory related to CoF-B and undertake a practical assessment. Contact MITO for more detail on this process.


  • Completing the expression of interest form - once minimum enrolment numbers have been met in your area we will arrange a meeting with a MITO Industry Training Advisor to complete the enrolment process
  • Entering into a MITO training agreement and paying your training fee
  • Completing online learning and assessments
  • Completing a three-day workshop
  • Being mentored, supervised and assessed on the job, by completing practical activities. To do this you will need to ensure you have access to a workplace that meets the NZ Transport Agency’s site requirements and have an approved workplace supervisor to mentor you

Once you have completed all of the training and assessment requirements, you will receive your MITO Certificate in Vehicle Inspection, endorsed by the NZ Transport Agency.


You are required to have an NZTA-endorsed workplace supervisor/verifier during your practical training. To be eligible to supervise you, your workplace supervisor/verifier must:

  • Be an approved vehicle inspector in the same class for which you will be applying to the Transport Agency for approval to inspect
  • Have a minimum of two years’ experience inspecting vehicles in the inspection groups they will be supervising
  • Be endorsed by the Transport Agency to be able to supervise you.

Any exceptions will need to be directed to the Transport Agency for their consideration.

Alternatively, MITO can appoint an external workplace supervisor. Note there could be a waiting period before an external workplace supervisor is assigned to you.

It is important to note that this website only provides an outline of the training costs for the MITO programme. Costs outside of this should be scoped separately including NZTA charges, costs of RBM training and any special equipment that may be required.


Travel and accommodation to attend workshops are not included in the training costs and are the responsibility of the enterprise. 

Learners must be enrolled with MITO at least four weeks before their preferred workshop date, in order to be able to complete the eLearning component.

2021 workshop dates are as follows:

  • CoF B    4 – 6 October (3 days) (Online)
  • CoF A    5 – 8 October (3 days) (Online)
  • CoF B    22 – 24 November (3 days) (Online)
  • CoF A    23 – 26 November (3 days) (Online)


CoF-A Expression of Interest PDF - 296 KB

CoF-B Expression of Interest PDF - 296 KB