Please select which MITO Training Sign option you wish to receive (you may choose both):

Terms and conditions

  • Before issuing the sticker or electronic files, MITO will ensure that the named business has active learners or apprentices training with MITO.
  • The MITO Training Sign is to only be placed on your business website, stationery, vehicles, workplace signage or advertising. The sticker is to only be adhered to your workplace door or window.
  • You agree to not use the MITO Training Sign in any way that may harm the reputation of MITO.
  • You agree that MITO can hold the details of your request in a register and that MITO may undertake an audit as to how the MITO Training Sign is being displayed publicly.
  • MITO reserves the right to revoke use of the MITO Training Sign at any time if MITO deems it to be used inappropriately.

Once you’ve hit SUBMIT, a member of staff will contact you regarding your request.