MITO joins Te Pūkenga Work Based Learning Limited

On 1 January 2022, MITO’s arranging training functions, people, and processes, transferred to Te Pūkenga Work Based Learning Limited (WBL), a subsidiary of Te Pūkenga.

MITO is the fourth industry training organisation to become a Business Division within WBL, joining Competenz, Connexis and BCITO. With chief executive Janet Lane stepping aside after 22 years working across the vocational sector, Verna Niao takes over as Director of the MITO Business Division. Verna was previously Group Manager - Workforce Development at MITO.

All industries within MITO's coverage have transferred - automotive, commercial road transport, drilling, gas, mining and quarrying, passenger service and ports and stevedoring, with the exception of the industrial textile fabrication industry which is now with MAST Academy.

Within Te Pūkenga Work Based Learning, MITO continues to trade as ‘MITO’ and continues to arrange, support and assess work-based learning, providing our industries and secondary schools with career pathways and nationally-recognised apprenticeships, qualifications and micro-credentials.