Today the Government announced Apprenticeship Boost, which provides businesses with up to $16,000 to help cover the costs of apprentices in their first two years of training, from August 2020 to April 2022.

Industry training organisation MITO supports apprenticeship and traineeship training programmes across the automotive, transport and logistics and extractives industries. 

Chief executive Janet Lane wholeheartedly applauds the announcement, stating that the Government is showing leadership and significant goodwill to businesses that take on apprentices.

“Apprenticeship Boost is another substantial Budget 2020 initiative that recognises the contribution and commitment that employers dedicate to training their workforces through on-the-job training.”

The funding, covering 20 months of an apprenticeship, provides businesses with a financial incentive to help recruit and retain apprentices during this critical time when New Zealand is responding to the impacts of COVID-19.

Motor Trade Association Chief Executive Craig Pomare says he is absolutely delighted with today’s announcement. “The workplace classroom is critical for our sector and it’s great to see that recognised and supported. Training the next generation of technicians will take priority with this initiative. A great outcome for everyone!”

Landpower, an agricultural machinery supplier, currently employs 23 apprentices across New Zealand. For John McDonald, General Manager People, having a consistent number of apprentices is vital. “Apprenticeship Boost, along with the removal of training fees, is a significant helping hand. It gives us confidence to keep our current apprentices and provides us with a greater appetite to bring on more apprentices to build upon our pipeline of skilled technicians.”

Apprenticeship Boost, along with the Targeted Training and Apprenticeship Fund, which removes training fees for all apprenticeship programmes, as well as traineeship programmes in selected industries, reinforces the Minister’s tertiary education reform mandate.

“Having Apprenticeship Boost alongside the Targeted Training and Apprenticeship Fund to financially support businesses who train apprentices is unprecedented, and significant to New Zealand’s post COVID-19 recovery” says Ms Lane.