Sideloader Unit Standards Review Consultation

Alongside the New Zealand Intermodel Transport Safety Group (NZITSG), MITO is currently holding a consultation period for unit standard/s for sideloader operators.

Unit standard 17679; Operate a truck mounted sidelifter has now been reviewed by the NZITSG. Industry has also endorsed the development of a theory unit standard to support the knowledge required to operate sideloaders safely.

MITO and the NZITSG have now prepared consultation drafts of the unit standards.

This is now the opportunity to ensure the standards are fit for purpose for the current and future requirements of industry.

Consultation drafts of the reviewed unit standards can be viewed below.

17679 v3 PDF - 160 KB         SL TXX01 PDF - 137 KB

MITO welcomes your feedback on the reviewed unit standards.

You can provide feedback by email to Feedback closes 4pm Friday 28 June 2019.

Once industry consultation closes, MITO will:

  • Consider all feedback received during the consultation process, and incorporate where appropriate
  • Submit an application to NZQA for approval and listing of the reviewed unit standards.

The current version of 17679 can still be assessed until the last date of assessment which will be 31 December 2021. This will allow time to shift from the current version of the unit standard to any new versions listed.

Please note:

The NZITSG is currently developing a Sideloader Code of Practice which will be added as a reference document to these standards once developed, prior to the unit standards being listed. This document will be publically available on the Road Transport Forum website.


If you are interested in delivering training and assessment of these unit standards, please contact NZITSG member Murray Young here. Training providers will need to develop their own training and assessment resources.

The NZITSG would like to introduce refresher training to ensure everyone operating in industry is staying up to date with best practice and maintaining competency. Refresher training has been requested by industry to cover:

a. Those operating in industry who hold the current version of the unit standard to receive refresher training to bring them up to the competency in the new theory standard and practical standard version as soon as possible; with this being completed by the end of 2022

b. Ongoing refresher training every 3 years with both a theory and practical component for all operators. The scope of this needs further discussion between industry and those who wish to deliver the training.

Thank you for taking the time to participate in this unit standard review.