Spray Painter


Ross White Panel & Paint Ltd


Qualified Spray painter or 5 Years New Zealand experience.

As an automotive re-finisher you’ll be required to work on the surfaces of motor vehicles, primarily in restoring vehicles to their original condition following damage and subsequent auto body repair.

Generally, automotive painting begins when body work has been completed.

Your duties will require preparing vehicle ready for a refinish technician to spray paint.

Duties will include:
- Removing exterior trim and hardware
- Removing layers of sub-coating
- Matching colors and mixing paints
- Preparing metal surfaces for painting by spot filling, sanding, and masking
- Applying primers, primer surfaces, enamels, clear coats and urethane
- Cleaning and polishing painted surfaces including removing and replacing decals
- Applying anti-corrosive treatments.

You will be required use hand and power tools in your work. Commonly used tools are sanders and spray guns. Computers and related software may be used, for computerized paint color reading, generating paint formulas and tinting.

Currently in New Zealand with a valid work Visa.

Full Drivers License.

This job listing will expire on 26 December 2022 at 12:21

Contact Information:

Ken Hunter ken@rosswhite.co.nz