Panelbeating Apprenticeship


Turners Panelbeating


Are you fit and passionate about learning the trade?

We work mainly on high level vehicles. Training is on the job. You won't be thrown into the deep end, expected to know everything.

With a passion to learn and work hard, you will be rewarded with what you have achieved.

We have a very mixed ethnicity group working together as mates and family to produce quality work.

Remember that every journey starts out with the first step and the more you step the further you will go and achieve your goals. It's the same as an apprenticeship. The more you work and learn, the faster you can reach your goal of being a panelbeating technician.

Any age and gender are welcome to apply.

Applicant must be a NZ resident and a driver licence is required.

Send your CV to Tyler, details below.

This job listing will expire on 28 May 2021 at 23:59

Contact Information:

Tyler Schwalger
027 226 3031