Concorde PB Ltd T/A Panel King


This is skilled work in refinishing and painting damaged automotive vehicles. Your job is to prepare vehicle/panels/parts for the automotive spray painters. You will receive work assignments from a shop foreman and must independently determine work methods in accordance with standard automotive painting practices.

Basic tasks:

  • Spray paint automobiles, machines and other products
  • Balancing and layering colours
  • Clean grease and dirt in the auto mobile
  • Selecting and mixing colours to match the vehicle’s colour
  • Sanding, filling and chiseling vehicle as part of its preparation
  • Masking areas that are not included to be painted, glass and other appropriate areas prior to application of paint with spray gun
  • Preparing paint to prime colour and consistency
  • Preparing spraying equipment such as cleaning or adjusting spray gun
  • Clean vehicles to be painted
  • Maintains stock levels of all items required for the completion of duties
  • Manages OH&S and environmental hazards in the paint bay and workplace.

To apply, send your CV to Rick, details below, or contact for more information.

This job listing will expire on 4 June 2021 at 23:59

Contact Information:

Rick Rossiter
09 525 4170