MITO’s Industry Training Advisors support you and your apprentice throughout the duration of the apprenticeship and you can contact them at any time with questions.

When your employee firsts signs up for an apprenticeship or training programme, your local Industry Training Advisor will visit you to do a ‘Training Capacity Assessment’ of your workplace to ensure your business can support your employee's training programme. The assessment covers areas such as:

  • The equipment and range of work you have available
  • The qualifications and experience of the people at your business
  • Your commitment to supporting your employee achieve their qualification

Once this is complete, they will explain the training process to you and your employee. Your Industry Training Advisor will then visit you at least four times a year to:

  • Develop and update personalised training plans
  • Provide you with up-to-date reports on your employee’s training activity
  • Set goals with you and your employee to help them achieve their qualification.


Along with your MITO Industry Training Advisor, you will be the main support for your employee during their apprenticeship. Training will be mostly facilitated in your workplace and you will teach them the necessary skills of the job, oversee their learning and set the standard for their training.

Your employee will be provided with a folder of training materials. This will provide a step by step approach on everything they will need to achieve their qualification.

Most of MITO's programmes have the theory component delivered online as eLearning. This allows you to access online learning resources, including videos, interactive simulations and online theory assessments, at any time and from any device – mobile phone, tablet or computer. Real-time results and progress reports are available through MITO’s online Portal to both you and your employee.

These programmes are supported by facilitators who will help your employees with any issues while they work through the eLearning modules.