This section provides information and resources for MITO Registered Assessors and Providers. For all assessment and moderation enquiries please contact us.

If you are interested in becoming a MITO Registered Assessor, please contact us. If you intend to assess MITO unit standards for the purposes of issuing a driver license or endorsement, you must be a registered course provider with NZTA. Information about becoming a registered course provider can be found on the NZTA website.

MITO registered assessors assess learners against unit standards for which MITO has consent to assess.

For contracted, workplace and independent (extractives) assessors, as well as provider assessors, please refer to the MITO Registered Assessor Code of Practice. For Independent Transport and Logistics assessors, refer to the Independent Registered Assessor Code of Practice – Transport and Logistics Industries. 

MITO Registered Assessor Code of Practice PDF - 1.1 MB                  Independent Registered Assessor Code of Practice – Transport and Logistics Industries PDF - 750 KB

The MITO Assessor Portal allows MITO's registered assessors to enter their assessment results electronically. To assist you in the use of the Portal, please download the MITO Portal User Guide below.

MITO Portal User Guide PDF - 832 KB

Assessment Support Resources

Assessment Report Form (ARF) Instructions PDF - 156 KB                 Assessment Report Form (ARF) XLSX - 281 KB                   Unit Standard Interim Ruling Spreadsheet  XLSX - 54 KB

Conflict of Interest Form PDF - 108 KB                                                 Scope Extension Form PDF - 381 KB                                   Integrated Practical Assessment Additional Guidance Spreadsheet   XLSX - 95 KB              


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Evidence Evaluation Report Form PDF - 191 KB                                    Assessor Checklist PDF - 1.2 MB                                         Assessor Gap Analysis Form  PDF - 109 KB

Written Summary Form  PDF - 144 KB                                                   Assessor Guidance PDF - 234 KB

MITO is responsible for setting the assessment standards in the industries we represent. Moderation ensures that assessment of the unit standards that MITO is the Standard Setting Body (SSB) for is fair, valid and aligns with the national standard. It also provides reassurance that assessors are making consistent judgements about learner performance.

MITO registered assessors and providers are selected to have their assessments moderated based on unit standards which are a focus for MITO or as a result of their moderation history. We will notify each provider or MITO registered assessor of their moderation requirements by email. This may involve participation in a cluster group moderation meeting, and/or postal post-assessment moderation.


MITO Registered Assessors

MITO Registered Assessor Code of Practice PDF - 1.1 MB                              Post-Moderation Submission Cover Sheet PDF - 90 KB                                Moderation Appeal Form PDF - 93 KB



Pre-Assessment Moderation Submission Cover Sheet PDF - 94 KB             Post-Assessment Moderation Submission Cover Sheet PDF - 91 KB                      

Consent and Moderation Requirements PDF - 243 KB

An education organisation that proposes to provide a programme of study that leads to a qualification listed on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF) must apply to NZQA for approval of the programme under the Education Act 1989 section 249 .

To aid education organisations proposing to provide a programme of study, MITO has provided guidance on specific conditions relating to some or all of the graduate profile outcomes in the Assessment Standards programme guidance section of the documents below.

We will continue to add programme guidance for the use of assessment standards for the New Zealand Certificates to the website as this is mapped.

As part of the consultation acknowledgement process, and to support your programme application to NZQA, a letter acknowledging consultation has taken place from the qualification developer will be required. In order to provide a letter of acknowledgement MITO would need to view an outline of the programme approach (including practicum/theory hours etc). This can be sent to

Further guidance on programme approval is available here .

Please contact MITO if you wish to suggest changes to MITO’s qualifications, programme guidance documents or the associated unit standards. 

Provider Manual

Provider Manual PDF - 505 KB

Programme guidance for New Zealand Certificates

2621 Drilling PDF - 139 KB                                                                   2622 Drilling PDF - 93 KB                                                                                        

3097 Automotive Engineering PDF - 93 KB                                       3008 Collision Repair and Automotive Refinishing PDF - 94 KB                          

3450 NZC Light Automotive Engineering PDF - 96 KB                      3460 NZC Automotive Electrical Engineering PDF - 91 KB                                    

2783 NZC in Mining and Quarrying  PDF - 174 KB                              3447 NZC in Motorcycle Engineering PDF - 147 KB                                                 

3091 NZC in Commercial Road Transport Level 4 PDF - 144 KB         2623 Drilling PDF - 90 KB

2543 NZC in Industrial Textile Fabrication PDF - 150 KB                     2931 Mining and Quarrying PDF - 86 KB  

2814 NZC in Port Operations  PDF - 159 KB                                        3915 NZC EV Automotive Engineering  PDF - 409 KB                                                                                                       

3454 NZC in Diesel Fuel Technology (Level 4) PDF - 149 KB               3088 NZC in Commercial Road Transport Skills PDF - 144 KB

3118 NZC in Heavy Automotive Engineering (Level 4) PDF - 456 KB            4004 NZC Automotive Parts and Accessories PDF - 155 KB  

3089 NZC in Commercial Road Transport (Heavy Vehicle Operator) PDF - 150 KB            4009 NZC in Outdoor Power Equipment PDF - 148 KB

2811 NZC in Supply Chain Mgmt PDF - 456 KB                                   2913 NZC in International Freight Logistics (Level 3) PDF - 109 KB

2812 NZC in Supply Chain Mgmt PDF - 144 KB                                   2914 NZC in International Freight Logistics (Level 4) PDF - 118 KB

4057 NZC in Heavy Wheel Alignment PDF - 145 KB                            2915 NZD in International Freight Logistics (FF) (Level 5) PDF - 148 KB

2916 NZD in International Freight Logistics (Shipping) (Level 6) PDF - 122 KB            2815 NZD in Port Operations (Level 5) PDF - 121 KB

2743 NZC in Resource Recovery Level 2 PDF - 110 KB                        2744 NZC in Resource Recovery (Level 3) PDF - 121 KB

2745 NZC in Resource Recovery (Level 4) PDF - 120 KB                     2701 NZC in Passenger Services PDF - 123 KB

MITO Unit Standard Interpretations

This spreadsheet contains information on how to interpret unit standards that may need clarification. It is updated regularly and contains interim rulings which remain valid until the unit standard has been reviewed.

Download the MITO Unit Standard Interpretations spreadsheet